School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management - George Mason University

All current and prospective students concentrating in Recreation Management are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor.

Your Temporary Academic Advisor is Dr. Brenda Wiggins

Wiggins, Brenda
Associate Professor, SRTM, College of Education and Human Development
Please email Dr. Wiggins at

As Academic Program Co-Coordinator, Dr. Wiggins can assist with questions regarding internship ideas, retention issues, course substitutions, and overall advice on activities that will help Recreation Management students to get the most from their Mason experience and prepare for a successful career in the parks, recreation, and leisure studies field.

Advising Sheets

2020-21 Recreation Management: Parks and Outdoor Recreation Concentration Advising Sheet
2020-21 Recreation Management: Therapeutic Recreation Concentration Advising Sheet

An Advising Sheet for each catalog year is available in Documents and Forms.

Also available: Additional Advising Sheets for all CEHD programs in CEHD Documents and Forms.

*These Advising Sheets mirror the corresponding year’s George Mason University Catalog degree requirements.

Patriot Web

Monitor your academic progress on Patriot Web. You can see your weekly schedule in calendar form; view your academic transcript, and monitor a degree evaluation that shows you what courses you still need to satisfy general education and program requirements.

For Degree Evaluations:
-If your first semester at Mason was PRIOR to Fall 2012, follow these instructions: CAPP
-If your first semester at Mason was Fall 2012 or later, follow these instructions: DegreeWorks