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School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management - George Mason University

A minor in recreation management is an excellent option for students in any bachelor's degree program who are interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle and environment.

In this minor, students are required to complete 18 credits in parks, recreation, and leisure studies courses, including a practicum field experience.

Is This Program Certified?

Although the major is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT), the minor is not. 

What Are Some Benefits of the Mason Program?

In addition to our innovative faculty, this minor will complement such majors as Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Geography, Sociology and Tourism and Events Management by providing added value to the degree. For example, Elementary Education majors often supplement their salaries by working in parks and recreation during the summer. This minor will provide best practices.

What Are Some Potential Careers for Program Graduates?

  • community director
  • visitor services supervisor
  • military recreation programmer
  • public recreation director
  • meeting and special events coordinator
  • camp administrator
  • recreation director
  • public policy analyst
  • ecotourism guide
  • facility manager
  • corporate director
  • community, park or environmental planner
  • research specialist