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Bachelor's/Accelerated Master’s Individualized Study in Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Concentration

Tailor your degree to your specific needs, interests, and career goals to stand out in the crowd.

The Bachelor’s / Accelerated Master’s (BAM) ISRT is an individualized degree program that provides students with a program tailored to their specific needs and career interests, and does so at an accelerated pace. The program provides management and marketing skills at the nexus of three of the world’s largest industries – sport, recreation, and tourism.

Work with one of our award-winning faculty mentors to plan your future and design your unique program. Students can choose from the traditional research master’s thesis option or the option of an applied research project linked to a professional setting or internship.

More about the Program

Tailored to the student, this degree can be customized to the students’ needs and interests. Students have utilized the program’s collaborations with the Antonin Scalia Law School to complete a master’s degree in individualized study with a concentration in sport law, for example. Others have chosen a path of data analytics, taking classes through the School of Business and the School of Sport Recreation, Tourism and Management to earn a master’s degree in individualized study with a concentration in sport analytics. Qualified Mason undergraduates may be admitted to the bachelor's/accelerated master's program and obtain both a bachelor's degree in any area and an MS in Sport and Recreation Studies within an accelerated timeframe.

Careers in Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management
· General Manager
· Athletic Director
· Resort Manager
· Cruise Activity Director
· League Executive
· Foundation/Fundraising Director
· Activities and Events Marketer
· Sporting Goods and Equipment Representative
· Data Analyst
· Community Relations Specialist
· Sports Information/Media Relations
· Event Manager
· Facilities Manager