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About Us

The School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management


The School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management (SRTM) delivers exceptional educational opportunities, research of consequence, and meaningful service in sport, recreation, tourism, events, and hospitality, to meet the needs and interests of a diverse community of engaged stakeholders.


The School of SRTM aspires to become a global leader in research, teaching, and service related to the management of sport, recreation, tourism, events, and hospitality. Through quality educational practices, the School will enhance the professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions of students and graduates, providing them with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Through theoretical and applied research, in combination with relevant professional development activities, the School will add to the understanding of, and be a positive change agent for, these interrelated economic segments. Through our dynamic world-class faculty, cutting-edge curricula, and innovative thinking, the School will remain at the forefront of research productivity, professional development, and functional impact at the local, national, and international levels across its content area foci. The School represents innovative and entrepreneurial thinking that yields new opportunities for all stakeholders.

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