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MS Sport and Recreation Studies - Sport and Leisure Studies Concentration

The sport and leisure studies concentration combines course work, research, and practical experiences to foster innovative leaders in the field.

The MS in Sport and Leisure Studies concentration focuses on the synergies across sport, recreation, and leisure contexts. This program prepares students as professionals capable of providing sport and leisure experiences catering to a wide range of participants to facilitate the development of individuals, groups, and communities. It provides students with a broad understanding of the historical and philosophical underpinnings of sport and leisure, and the use of sport and leisure in intrapersonal, interpersonal, and international development contexts. Flexible capstone options include a traditional research master’s thesis, an applied research project linked to a professional setting, or an internship. Students undertaking this concentration serve the industry and their communities across a wide range of settings and are well-prepared to pursue advanced study through a doctoral program.

More about the Program

The Sport and Leisure studies concentration builds on the foundational courses in management, law, leadership, and research by delving into the history and philosophy of sport and leisure and the role of sport and leisure experience in American society. Students examine the synthesis of park, recreation, sport, and tourism domains and focus on attitudinal, social, and motivational theories to design and implement sport and leisure programs for development outcomes. The program focuses on roles of sport and leisure studies in intrapersonal development as well as international development.

Careers in the Field

Outdoor Adventure Coordinator
Sports Commission Executive
Sport Manager
Facility Director
Campus Recreation Manager
Experience Management Consultant
Event Manager
Sport Administrator
Sport & Recreation Tourism Officer
Marketing Executive
Fitness Center Manager
Youth & Community Programmer