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Bachelor's / Accelerated Master’s Sport and Leisure Studies Concentration

Fast track your career in Sport and Leisure Studies with the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s program.

The Sport and Leisure Studies concentration focuses on the synergies across sport, recreation, and leisure contexts. This program prepares students as professionals capable of providing sport and leisure experiences catering to a wide range of participants to facilitate the development of individuals, groups, and communities. It provides students with a broad understanding of the historical and philosophical underpinnings of sport and leisure, and the use of sport and leisure in intrapersonal, interpersonal, and international development contexts. Flexible capstone options include a traditional master’s thesis, an applied research project, or an internship. Students undertaking this concentration serve the industry and their communities across a wide range of settings and are well-prepared to pursue advanced study through a doctoral program.


More about the Program

The Sport and Leisure studies concentration builds on the foundational courses in management, law, leadership, and research by delving into the history and philosophy of sport and leisure and the role of sport and leisure experience in American society. Students examine the synthesis of park, recreation, sport, and tourism domains and focus on attitudinal, social, and motivational theories to design and implement sport and leisure programs for development outcomes. The program focuses on roles of sport and leisure studies in intrapersonal development as well as international development. Qualified Mason undergraduates may be admitted to the bachelor's/accelerated master's program and obtain both a bachelor's degree in any area and an MS in Sport and Recreation Studies within an accelerated timeframe.

Careers in the Field

• Outdoor Adventure Coordinator
• Coach
• Sports Commission Executive
• Sport Manager
• Facility Director
• Campus Recreation Manager
• Experience Management Consultant
• Event Manager
• Sport Administrator
• Sport & Recreation Tourism Officer
• Marketing Executive
• Fitness Center Manager
• Youth & Community Programmer

MS Core Coursework (18 credits)

Select 5 credits from the following:

Concentration in Sport and Leisure Studies (SPLS) (12 credits)

Select 6 credits from the following: 

Additional courses may be selected as electives with advisor approval.

Program Format

This program is offered on Mason’s Fairfax campus. Most students in the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s (BAM) program complete both their undergraduate and graduate degrees within five years.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester
(classes starting in August)
Spring Semester
(classes starting in January)
Summer Semester
(classes starting in May, June, or July)

Priority*: April 1

Space Available: August 1

Priority*: November 1

Space Available: January 4

Priority*: February 1

Space Available: May 1

For more information and to apply, visit the admissions website.

* Priority deadline ensures consideration for the intended semester as well as financial aid options for students. Programs will continue to review applications until at capacity. Some programs do not review applications past the priority deadline.

Application Requirements

All application materials must be submitted through Mason’s online graduate application. In addition to meeting general university admissions requirements, applicants will need to provide the requirements below. Please review the FAQ page for more information.

To be considered for graduate studies, the following items are evaluated during the admission review process:

  • Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s application
  • 750- to 1,000-word written statement of your goals and interest in the program
  • Current resume
  • Two letters of recommendation. Applicants should follow the instructions included in the online application to submit the recommendation forms directly to their recommenders. Mason does not accept paper recommendations. Recommendations should be professional or academic in nature.
  • One letter of recommendation from your Mason undergraduate advisor

Admissions Requirements

The College of Education and Human Development offers a number of combined bachelor's and accelerated master's (BAM) degree programs for academically strong undergraduates with a commitment to learning advanced skills in a specialized field of study. Applicants receive a waiver of the graduate application fee, and admitted students may obtain both a bachelor's and a master's degree after satisfactory completion of 144 to 150 credits (number of required credits depends on the graduate program).

Students can submit an application to a BAM program once they have earned between 75 and 100 credits. Faculty admissions review includes a holistic review of requirements as well as the applicant’s potential academic and professional success upon completion of the program.

Tuition (2021-22)

BAM students can take a number of graduate courses at the undergraduate tuition rate depending on the program. Please schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor to discuss your program options.

Undergraduate Tuition

Virginia Resident $396.25
$546.50 with MSF*
Non-Virginia Resident $1,373.75
$1,524.00 with MSF*
*Mandatory Student Fee (MSF) $150.25
CEHD Course Fee
($25/credit with higher per credit or flat course fees for internship and select ATEP, PRLS, and RECR courses)
$25.00 - $250.00
Total Cost for Virginia Residents per Credit $571.50 - $796.50
Total Cost for Non-Virginia Residents per Credit $1,549.00 - $1,774.00
Undergraduate New Student Fee
(non-refundable, one-time fee)
$350 | $275 for transfer students

Please Note: Refer to the Students Accounts Office website for more information on tuition and fees. Various course and lab fees may be assessed depending on the course(s) in which the student is enrolled.

Graduate Tuition

Virginia Resident $543.00
$693.25 with MSF*
Non-Virginia Resident $743.00
(discounted from $1,431.00)
$893.25 with MSF*
VA Resident and PreK-12 VA Educator enrolled in a CEHD graduate program** $439.01
$589.26 with MSF*
*Mandatory Student Fee (MSF) $150.25
CEHD Course Fee $25.00 - $84.00
Total Cost for Virginia Residents per Credit $718.25 - $777.25
Total Cost for Non-Virginia Residents per Credit $918.25 - $977.25
Total cost for VA Resident and PreK-12 VA Educator enrolled in a CEHD graduate program* $614.26 - $673.26
Graduate New Student Fee
(non-refundable, one-time fee)

Please Note: Refer to the Students Accounts Office website for more information on tuition and fees. Internship courses will incur a higher course fee to fund on-site assistance involving intensive clinical training/supervision.

**VA state residents who are eligible must apply for the 15% PreK-16 VA Educators Discount in order to take advantage of the lower tuition. Eligible students receive 15% off the total tuition and mandatory student fee.

Financial Aid

For information on loans and scholarships, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid. For information regarding grants, tuition waivers, and other merit aid, please inquire with your graduate department. Also, many school districts offer tuition reimbursement options. Speak to your employer for more information.


Academic Advisor

Stormi Woltz
Phone: 703-993-5261
Fairfax Campus: Krug Hall, Suite 213



Current students should visit MyMason for important forms and documents.

Sport and Recreation Studies

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