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The Wine and Craft Beverage Management Minor teaches students the basic applications of the wine and microbrewing industry.

  • Students will acquire the knowledge, operational functions, strategies, and practical skills required for managing and operating businesses within the wine and microbrewing industries.
  • Students will gain valuable hands-on experience through a mandatory internship, enabling them to apply the knowledge acquired throughout their classes and gain real-world exposure before graduation.
  • Students will develop a clearer understanding of what segment of this industry interests them (wine, beer, distilled spirits, cideries, events management, food distribution) and receive opportunities to network within those sectors.
  • Students will have valuable opportunities to work alongside industry professionals who can provide specific training tailored to the industry’s requirements and demands.

What you’ll learn:

The curriculum focuses on providing students with a combination of in-classroom lectures and hands-on experiences in the field, such as visiting venues in northern Virginia.

Coursework covers foundational knowledge in marketing, sales, finance, and accounting for small business management and operations. Additionally, there are elective courses available for students to choose from, allowing them to focus on specific areas such as business management, business development, or product development.

The curriculum places importance on developing skills in customer relations, sales, networking, leadership, and communication. Students will also gain an understanding of the regulatory framework of the industry and learn about the financial pressures involved in running a small business.

Who will benefit from this certificate?

Courses are open to any Mason students with an interest in the wine and microbrewing management and operations.

  • This minor is beneficial for students who have an interest in pursuing careers in the winery and brewery business, whether working for established organizations or starting their own ventures.
  • This minor equips students with an additional tool to enhance their marketability to potential employers. The transferrable skills gained through this minor offer students a competitive edge as they enter the workforce.