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Explore the $490+ billion sports sector from an international perspective.

This certificate offers students the opportunity to develop skills for management of international sport enterprises and organizations, such as FIFA, the International Olympic Committee, Nike, global sport media, international events, international development agencies, and global marketing entities. Systems for administration and coordination across the globe are examined through a focus on core concerns of governance and policy. Requisite skills for managing and marketing sport globally are cultivated.

Work with faculty that have lived and worked internationally and bring an in-depth understanding of global sport and the relationships among national and international sport organizations to the classroom. Get involved with ongoing projects and research examining issues, policies, and practices of sport internationally.

More about the Program

This certificate prepares students to contribute to the global sports community. Students develop leadership skills, engage in intercultural activities, and build their network of sport professionals. The 15 credit certificate requires 3 course (9 credits) and provides students with the flexibility to tailor the additional courses (6 credits).