School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management - George Mason University

Professional preparation develops capable Sport Management specialists able to apply creative communication, leadership, and managerial skills in an array of positions in the sport industry, including sales, marketing, public relations, operations, facilities, and event management.

The BS in Sport Management enhances the professional development of liberal arts-educated students, thereby preparing them to assume entry-level managerial positions in the $470+ billion sport industry, including private enterprises, government or public employment sectors, nonprofit or voluntary agencies, and commercial sport ventures.

Preparation in sport marketing, finance, ethics, law, operations, planning, and program leadership fosters the skills that enhance students’ acquisition and advancement in sport management careers. An integral part of the program is the opportunity to complete two field experiences in sport organizations.

In addition to George Mason University Mason Core requirements, the Sport Management BS includes 66 credit hours of required courses based upon the NASSM content standards for Sport Management. The additional 17 credit hours of elective course credits allow students to incorporate one of any number of minor programs that may enhance their professional preparation.

For more information on this degree, please contact Craig Esherick.

Course Work

Mason Core Requirements (37 credits)

  • Written communication (6)
  • Oral communication (3)
  • Information technology (3)
  • Quantitative reasoning (3) Must take STAT 250
  • Literature (3)
  • Arts (3)
  • Western civilization/World History (3)
  • Social and behavioral science (3)
  • Global understanding (3)
  • Natural science (7)
  • Synthesis/Capstone, met by SPMT 490, a program requirement

Professional Sequence (57 credits)

Guided Electives (9 credits)

Choose 9 credits from the following:

Electives (17 credits)

Choose an additional 17 credits from any course.

Total: 120 credits

Consult the current George Mason University catalog for descriptions of courses and degree requirements. Students will be cleared for graduation using the degree requirements for the catalog year they matriculated into the SPMT BS.