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Practicum and Internship Experience

Paid and volunteer fieldwork positions in recreation are great ways to gain a perspective on the many avenues one may choose within various Recreation Management professions. The Parks and Outdoor Recreation (POR) and Therapeutic Recreation (TR) concentrations include a practicum followed by a full-time capstone internship. These real-world opportunities allow exploration of specific interests while providing opportunities for resume building.

PRLS 241 – Practicum

The practicum provides students with an entry-level guided work experience in the field of Recreation Management. Students complete 120 hours over a minimum of 10-12 weeks during the semester. A variety of practicum sites exist to match student interests, including the Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center, The Edge, Aquatic and Fitness Center, Fairfax County Park Authority, Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services, and the Mason LIFE program.

After registering for PRLS 241 contact Dr. Brenda Wiggins, for site selection and approval.

PRLS 490 – Recreation Management Internship

Completed during the last semester. Interns will network with outstanding professionals, undertake tasks that allow them to independently apply their university coursework to real-life situations, and complete a project at their site. This experience helps seniors launch their professional careers, making them a more valuable asset to any hiring organization.

In the semester prior to beginning the internship, the mandatory internship orientation must be attended for information about navigating the internship. Both the site and university approvals must be completed prior to interning. All forms can be found in the Recreation Management Internship Manual. Until such forms are processed, interns will not be able to register for PRLS 490 on patriotweb.

Note: Failure to complete the mandatory internship orientation session will make a student ineligible to complete their internship during the applicable semester.

After completing the paperwork, the faculty supervisor will open the course for interns to register for PRLS 490, and only one other course may be taken during that semester. Senior standing is required (90 credits completed) as well as satisfactory completion of all other coursework. Interns are supervised directly by professionals, who communicate regularly with the intern's faculty supervisor.

For inquiries regarding Recreation Management Internships contact the Internship Coordinator Dr. Brenda Wiggins,

Parks and Outdoor Recreation Students

Students will intern 30 to 40 hours per week at a pre-approved site for a minimum of 400 hours over 10 – 12 consecutive weeks in the semester.

Therapeutic Recreation Students

Students will intern 30 to 40 hours per week at a pre-approved site supervised by a certified therapeutic recreation specialist (CTRS) for a minimum of 560 hours over 14-15 weeks in the semester.