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SPMT 304: Sport, Culture, and Society

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General Information

Credits: 3


Analyzes sport from educational, political, economic, and cultural perspectives. Offered by School of Sport/Rec/Tour Mgmt. Limited to three attempts.
Schedule Type: Lecture
This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale.

Current Sections

  • Fall 2020, Section: 005, CRN 81990, Format: Face-to-Face, Instructor: Jodie Wexelberg, Fall 2020 Section 005 Syllabus
  • Fall 2020, Section: DL1, CRN 72434, Format: Online, Instructor: Jason Becker, Fall 2020 Section DL1 Syllabus
  • Fall 2020, Section: DL2, CRN 81961, Format: Online, Instructor: Kelsey LeFevour

Upcoming Sections

  • Spring 2021, Section: 003*, CRN 23585, Format: Face-to-Face, Instructor: Jodie Wexelberg
  • Spring 2021, Section: DL1*, CRN 15115, Format: Online, Instructor: Jason Becker
  • Spring 2021, Section: DL2*, CRN 23584, Format: Online, Instructor: Mark Shriver

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Prior Sections (partial list)